Learn More About the Los Angeles Commuter Benefit Ordinance.

If your company operates in Los Angeles, offering a commuter benefits program will soon be legally required. We're here to answer all your questions about what you need to do to be compliant, and when you're ready - we can help you deliver a valuable benefit to your employees.

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Why Offer Commuter Benefits to Your Employees?

Employees save on their income taxes and employers save on payroll taxes.

Create a happier, less stressed and productive work environment.

Attract, retain and engage employees.

Easy, hassle-free sign up leaves more time for other important tasks.

Your All-In-One Transit Benefits Program

Edenred Commuter Benefits is the nation’s leader provider of commuter benefit solutions in the US. Our programs combine quality, efficiency and full compliance with IRS regulations. With competitive pricing and seamless process to sign up and manage the benefit, HR professionals can save money for their companies and employees, and enhance their benefits package to attract and retain top talent.